Consumer loan

23% interest rate
до 200 BEV loan amount
up to 3 years loan period
Consumer loan


Make online purchases and make payments on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad.

0,0 som card issuance free of charge
5 USD minimum balance

Maksimal foyda

For those who want to increase their funds

17 % annual rate
370 days deposit period
Maksimal foyda

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500 thous. 5 million 30 million 100 million
Credit term
12 month 24 month 36 month

Interest rate: 24 %
Monthly payment: Redemption table
Overpayment: 260 472,79 sum

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Exchange rate and currency Converter

Currency rate

Currency Buy Sale
EUR 11 750,00 12 900,00
USD 10 450,00 10 500,00
JPY 95,00 105,00
GBP 12 900,00 14 400,00
CHF 10 700,00 11 900,00
USD ATM 10 400,00 10 500,00
EUR 13 510,00
USD 12 599,00
JPY 78,00
GBP 15 962,00
CHF 14 108,00

Data on 25.06.24. the Information is for reference only and may differ from the courses in the departments.

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Offices and ATMs of Asaka Bank

Offices and ATMs

Addresses of branches and ATMs of the Bank "Asaka" on the map, as well as working hours, phone numbers.


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