Кредитование субъектов малого предпринимательства


Crediting of working capital of business entities, including in national and foreign currency

to 70%
Maximum credit amount up the project cost
to 36
Credit term up months
to 20
Interest rate up %

Кредитование оборотного капитала субъектов предпринимательства, том числе в национальной и иностранной валюте.

Кредитование субъектов малого предпринимательства

Purpose of crediting

Replenishment of working capital for the expansion and development of activities

Credit allocation can be provided with or without opening a credit line

Условия кредитования

  • Credit term - No more than 12 months, taking into account the self-sufficiency of the credited project.
  • Credit amount - Up to 70% of the total project cost, based on the credited project.
  • Interest rate -
    • In national currency 21% per annum;
    • In foreign currency 8% per annum;

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