Salary project

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Benefits of the salary project:

  • Reducing the volume of cash transactions due to a decrease in cash turnover
  • Salary is accrued at a time and in a timely manner to all employees, regardless of their location
  • Reduced collection costs
  • Simplification of accounting
  • Reducing the loss of employees' working time to receive wages платы
  • Improving the security and control of the processing of payment documents
  • Confidentiality of calculation and issuance of wages
Зарплатный проект

Service tariffs

  • Emission of a plastic card - free of charge
  • Transfer of salary to a plastic card - on the basis of an agreement
  • Commission for budgetary organizations - not charged


Among the users of this service there are a variety of clients - from large enterprises and organizations of the republican scale to small private enterprises with several people

The service is provided regardless of the number of employees.

Registration of the salary project

A few simple steps to facilitate settlement with employees


Fill out an application on the website for opening a salary project -


Prepare a package of documents and submit them to the bank


Issue salary cards and transfer salaries

Online application

There are a variety of clients among the users of this service


Fill in contact information

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