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Asaka Bank pays special attention to the development of relations with correspondent banks both in Uzbekistan and abroad, reacting in a timely manner to changes in the development trends of the global and domestic financial markets. Asaka Bank evaluates its correspondent relations activities not only from its own positions, but, first of all, from the position of the bank's clients.

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Exchange rate and currency Converter

Currency rate

Currency Buy Sale
EUR 11 750,00 12 900,00
USD 10 450,00 10 500,00
JPY 95,00 105,00
GBP 12 900,00 14 400,00
CHF 10 700,00 11 900,00
USD ATM 10 400,00 10 500,00
EUR 13 759,00
USD 12 664,00
JPY 83,00
GBP 16 058,00
CHF 14 015,00

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Currency converter

Offices and ATMs of Asaka Bank

Offices and ATMs

Addresses of branches and ATMs of the Bank "Asaka" on the map, as well as working hours, phone numbers.


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