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«ASAKA» Bank is your reliable partner in the financial market!

General information

«ASAKA» Bank is your reliable partner in the financial market! «ASAKA» Bank mission

To contribute to the intensive development of the economy of Uzbekistan and its integration into the international economic community, to make banking products and high quality services available to our customers.

Fulfilling its mission, Asaka Bank will follow the following basic principles and corporate culture:

Social responsibility
  • promoting the effective development of the economy of sovereign Uzbekistan through the implementation of investment projects, the provision of services and financing of priority sectors of the economy
  • fruitful cooperation with international financial institutions and foreign banks, contributing to the country's integration into the global economic community
  • positioning on the market as one of the largest universal credit and financial institutions, stably occupying a leading position among the subjects of the banking system of the republic; • strengthening the Bank’s competitive position throughout the country through the effective development of a network of regional divisions and the use of advanced technologies
  • mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and counterparties aimed at the final result, which ensures economic growth and profitability on the basis of transparency and reasonable, justified banking risk
  • the provision of modern banking products and services with the continuous implementation of the latest achievements in the field of information technology and the banking business
  • understanding and satisfying the needs of each client, implementing the concept of demand for a wide audience, meeting the most demanding requirements of both large enterprises of various sectors of the economy and small and private businesses
  • ensuring uniform high standards of quality banking services for all customers, regardless of size, form of ownership, regional or international location
  • maintaining an impeccable business reputation through timely fulfillment of obligations to its customers and business partners
  • conducting strict financial discipline and qualified risk management
  • Formation of a highly professional and motivated team aimed at success and united by common corporate values
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Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear shareholders and business partners!

Bank "Asaka", founded in 1995, has been a leader in the domestic financial services market for many years. Seeking to cooperate with a wide range of participants in the economic life of the country, the Bank's main goal is to meet the diverse needs of economic entities, regardless of the form of ownership and types of activities, as well as all social strata of the population of the Republic. At the same time, the main focus is on the quality of the service provided, combined with an individual and flexible approach to each client. An individual approach is applied to everyone who applies to Asaka Bank, dictated by the principle "not a client for the Bank, but a Bank for the client". This has become one of the fundamental reasons for its success and competitiveness, and most importantly — the high confidence of the population. According to the level of capitalization, the growth rate of assets, as well as profitability, Asaka Bank occupies a leading position among banks in Uzbekistan.

Currently, the Bank's activities are aimed at ensuring long-term sustainable growth and development, increasing investment attractiveness, liquidity and sustainability, improving the Bank's main performance indicators and bringing them up to the level of international standards. This allows Asaka Bank to provide high-quality banking services to domestic clients and foreign partners focused on the production of competitive products, both for export and for saturation of the domestic market.

Asaka Bank constantly strives to expand the range and improve the quality of its services, support small businesses and private businesses, increase lending to projects in the real sector of the economy that are economically promising and profitable, aimed at producing export-oriented and import-substituting products using local raw materials, support high-tech and socially important sectors of the country's economy, and Finance projects to modernize existing and introduce new high-performance industries. Today, the Bank has invested assets in such advanced sectors of the country as pharmaceuticals, light, food and automotive industries, construction, transport, telecommunications, oil and gas and other industries.

Mutually beneficial cooperation and the desire to take into account the interests of clients in the development and implementation of strategic plans allow Asaka Bank to achieve stable growth of all key indicators and high financial results from year to year. Leading and authoritative international rating agencies Moody's and Fitch Ratings have repeatedly confirmed the stability and stability of Asaka Bank.

The rapid pace of modern life puts forward new requirements for banks in Uzbekistan. It is necessary to constantly expand the range of services and improve the quality of service. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve success in the conditions of increasing competition in the country's market, and you will not be able to keep up with the achieved heights. Bank Asaka is fully aware of, and therefore constantly cares about creating favorable conditions and additional amenities for its customers, updating the list of services provided and improving the efficiency and quality of existing ones.

Today, Asaka Bank sees its position in the domestic banking market as the most promising, dynamically developing and reliable Bank, able to respond to market changes in a timely manner, ready for fruitful cooperation with banking and financial institutions, as well as economic entities, built on mutually beneficial terms, Asaka Bank will continue to improve its work in all promising areas, pays increased attention to the development of entrepreneurship in the country, especially family business, improving social infrastructure and people's lives.

In conclusion, on behalf of myself and my colleagues, I would like to Express my gratitude to all shareholders, business partners and our clients for their full support and mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as to the entire staff of Asaka Bank for the success achieved. In the future, we intend to steadily move towards improving the quality of service to our customers, increasing the range of banking products and services provided, strengthening financial stability and strengthening the significant role Of Bank Asaka in the domestic and foreign banking markets.

Yours faithfully,
Chairman of Board

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